The ARK Crypto Podcast

ARK Crypto Podcast #060 - New Contest Details and Procedure, CoinKit Integration, and Meetup Recording

Episode Summary

The sixtieth episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week, we go into further detail on the new Theme Plugin Design Contest, telling you just how easy it is to participate, even if you're a non-developer. But don't wait too long! Deadline is January 30th. We also go into detail on the new CoinKit integration with ARK, allowing for tipping inside the ARK Slack as well as Discord and Twitter. CoinKit even automates Twitter tips based on Twitter actions from users. Incredible! Lastly, we give you a sneak peek at content recorded from a recent meetup Justin attended where he gave a little elevator talk on ARK. For the rest of the content, subscribe to and stay tuned for an ARK Adventure video coming sometime next week. Justin's name on Slack is 'Justin (doubled1c3) [ARK Team].' Also, the Release Candidate for Core v2.6 has been distributed to delegates of the ARK Devnet. There will then be a period of final Release Candidate testing and monitoring, followed by the migration onto the ARK Public Network. Keep in mind that does not run the ARK Public Network, and delegates make their own decision to accept and deploy new Core releases onto the ARK Public Network. However, delegates have expressed support of this new Core version. Stay tuned! Enjoy!