The ARK Crypto Podcast

ARK Crypto Podcast #062 - ARK Core Values Deep Dive, Simplicity

Episode Summary

The sixty-second episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week, we launch a deep dive series into the six ARK Core Values, starting with simplicity. How does simplicity play a role in ARK's suite of products, projects, and technologies? We'll discuss the ARK cryptocurrency, consensus mechanism, desktop and mobile wallets, ARK Core, ARK Deployer, ARK SDKs, ARK Logic, and all-new ARK Documentation Hub. We'll highlight how simplicity is woven into each. As an added piece of great news, the new Core v2.6 is ready for migration to the ARK Public Network on February 11th! Listen in as the date gets closer, and keep it locked on for updates. Enjoy!