The ARK Crypto Podcast

ARK Crypto Podcast #065 - Everything You Might Have Missed Wrapup

Episode Summary

The sixty-fifth episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week, we go over everything you might have missed that happened recently for ARK. If you have been glued to our news and announcements, no worries! You'll hear soundbytes and external content that expands on recent announcements. This episode is made easier by the community resource, a site following all ARK achievements and accomplishments since its inception in 2016. also has interactive features like sorting, filtering, and searching achievements. Catch up fast using this helpful community-built resource Enjoy!

Episode Notes Hires Eugene Panchenko as new Motion Designer: [Read more here]( Hires Hanna Umanets as new UI/UX Designer: [Read more here]( Hires Bernie Snell as new Back-End Developer: [Read more here]( Hires Sebastijan Kuzner as New Back-End Developer: [Read more here](

ARK is now available on Tokok Exchange: [See announcement here]( Hosts AMA with Atomic Wallet: [Read transcript here](

Atomic Wallet in a Nutshell Video: [Watch it here](

nOS Successfully Launches Public Testnet: [Read more here](

ARK and BCdiploma Showcases ARK Technology at University of Lille's Technical Day: [Read more here]( Adventures: Cryptocurrency Tribe Meetup Santa Monica, CA: [Watch here]( Releases Desktop Wallet 2.8: [Read more here]( Releases Desktop Wallet 2.8.1: [Read more here]( Releases Mobile Wallet v1.7.1: [Download here](

ARK Core v2.6 Goes Live on ARK Public Network: [Read more here](

ARK Core v3 Codebase is Now Public: [Read more here](

Let's Explore the Infrastructure of ARK Core v3: [Read more here](

Lynx ARK Collection Ramps Up ARK Metal Wallet Production: [See announcement here:](

ARK Desktop Wallet Theme Contest Winners Announced: [Read more here]( Announces Development Bounty Program Bounty Recipients: [Read more here](

New Members announced in ARK Advocate Program: [Read more here](